Origami workshop at EU Open Day

On the 4th of May, the Mission of Japan to the EU took part in the EU Open Day at the EEAS. We hosted an origami workshop introducing traditional Japanese crafts. Participants could also try their hand at Japanese calligraphy, Gold leaf art and Kendama.
Japanese calligraphy

 We were delighted to welcome the Ajisai choir group whose performance showcased the beauty and harmony of Japanese music to the audience. 
At the beginning of their performance, Ambassador Aikawa addressed audience. He underlined the importance of the continued excellent Japan-EU relationship, referring that this year mark  50 years anniversary since the establishment of the EU’s diplomatic mission in Japan, and next year is 50 years anniversary for the establishment of the Japanese Mission to EU in Brussels. He also encouraged the audience to visit Japan on the occasion  upcoming Expo2025 in Osaka.