Ambassador Aikawa's speech at the RIKEN Europe Symposium 2024 hosted by RIKEN

Amb. AIKAWA on his speech
Gathering photo at the event Photo provided by RIKEN
On 14 February, Ambassador Aikawa was invited to the RIKEN Europe Symposium 2024 titled “Science and technologies, platforms and collaboration for researching human physiology and diseases: ‘Enabling Organoids’” where he gave the opening remarks. The event marked the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the RIKEN Europe Office.

This symposium was attended by about 70 people from RIKEN, various European universities, research institutes and businesses as well as researchers and practitioners from Japan and Europe and officials from the European Commission. Speakers presented cutting-edge research on artificial tissues and organs - organoids and updates on their international cooperation.

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Ambassador Aikawa's speech (PDF)